Funeral Celebrant

Module 1 Welcome, Introduction & Overview
Unit 1 Before you start
Unit 2 Reading
Unit 3 Legal aspects Before Burial or Cremation
Unit 4 Resources and Assignments
Unit 5 Videos from Module One + Personal Observations
Module 2 Ceremony Structure, Planning and Preparation
Unit 1 Funeral structure, planning and preparation
Unit 2 Communication and Interview Skills
Unit 3 Example Templates & Service Sheets
Unit 4 Examples of Funerals, Memorials, Interments & Scattering Ashes
Unit 5 Video examples of Opening and Closing
Module 3 Grief and Loss, Embalming and Natural Care
Unit 1 Theories of Grief and Loss
Unit 2 Videos & article
Unit 3 Reflection Exercise
Module 4 Designing and Writing for Funerals
Unit 1 Building on the Interview and Writing Principles
Unit 2 Heartfelt beginnings
Unit 3 Endings that satisfy
Unit 4 Eulogy, Life Narratives, brief Bios, Obituaries
Unit 5 Video Examples
Unit 6 Enactments
Module 5 Diverse communities and diverse ceremonies
Unit 1 Diverse Communities
Unit 2 Diverse ceremonies
Unit 3 Music, songs, hymns & waiata
Unit 4 Ceremonies to watch
Module 6 Presentations of Ceremony
This module is not available yet.