Marriage Celebrant Essentials

This module enables entry-level or aspiring marriage celebrants to understand the span of the role and what’s involved in applying to be, and working as, an independent marriage celebrant. It trains students in the legalities and implications of the Marriage Act, and equips them to create and deliver registry-style marriage ceremonies. Those who pass this course and are interested in more fully embracing the professional span of marriage and civil union ceremonies are eligible for our Marriage Celebrant Mastery course.

Module 1 Pre-Course Preparation
Unit 1 Pre Course Work
Unit 2 Download Course Materials
Module 2 Session 1 by Zoom: Welcome to Marriage Celebrant Essentials
Unit 1 BDM Guide to the Role of Celebrants in New Zealand
Unit 2 Legalities - Definitions, Documentation
Unit 3 Statistics for Marriage and Civil Unions in New Zealand
Unit 4 Homework/Mahi Kainga (Part 1)
Unit 5 Homework/Mahi Kainga (Part 2)
Module 3 2nd Zoom Session: Ceremony Structure, Registry Ceremonies and Personalised Ceremonies
Unit 1 Registry Ceremonies - set script
Unit 2 Your Assignment Instructions
Unit 3 Mahi Kainga/Homework - your ceremony
Module 4 3rd Zoom Session: Presentations
Unit 1 Submit your Completed Ceremony Assignment
Module 5 Marking and Circulation
Unit 1 Shared Ceremonies
Unit 2 Bonus: Top Tips for Fledgling Celebrants