Marriage Celebrant Mastery

Module 1 MCM Precourse Work
Unit 1 MCM Pre-Course Quiz - Exploring Marriage
Module 2 An Overview of Marriages and Civil Unions in Aotearoa-New Zealand (First Zoom Session)
Unit 1 Download MCM Student Resources - Design
Unit 2 Homework/Mahi Kainga: The Ceremonial Sandwich
Unit 3 NZ Government passing of the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Act
Module 3 MCM - The Planning and Design of Contemporary Ceremonies of Commitment
Unit 1 Homework/Mahi Kainga after 2nd Zoom session - Reading and Vow Exercise
Unit 2 Video example
Unit 3 Example Ceremonies
Unit 4 MCM Ceremony Assignment
Module 4 Ceremonial Content and Enactments
Unit 1 Giving and Receiving Feedback in MCM
Unit 2 Homework/ Mahi Kainga - Your Chance to Have Any Questions Answered
Module 5 Presentations
Unit 1 Homework/Mahi Kainga - Learning from Each Other