Sue Harris

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When Sue Harris married her partner back in 2015, it was a fabulous day in their garden, surrounded and supported by the friends and family both women loved. Every wedding is special, but for Sue this was a chance not just to be in a civil union, but to actually marry the woman she loved, following the Marriage Amendment Act in 2013. The ceremony was nice, but on reflection, the couple felt they hadn’t really connected with their celebrant in a personal way. Everything was done that needed to be, but the story of their journey was left untold. And so was born Sue’s impetus for becoming a celebrant: after all, she enjoyed meeting people, and loved telling stories, and she – and those around her – reckoned she would do a great job.

Like any big decision, Sue took a while to chew it over, considering her own identity, how she’d look in photos (yes, it’s a thing!), and whether she would be right person for couples. As Sue says:  “I am gay. I look gay. I walk gay. I talk gay. I am NOT comfortable in a dress or a hat. And I was not going to try to be someone I am not.”

With the help of supportive friends, Sue – whose roles include wife, mother and HR professional – took the plunge, and enrolled with The Celebrant School. The team were non-judgemental and inclusive, providing great tools and ideas to craft meaningful ceremonies, as well as covering off all the legal requirements.

These days, Sue has eight weddings under her belt, though ironically, not one rainbow wedding! She feels privileged to meet a couple, and focus on just them for the most special day of their lives.

“Every time I drive home from a wedding ceremony, I remember my wedding day. I remember why I love my partner. I remember how lucky I am. And in that moment, it’s all about gratitude.”