Before You Start Transitions through Change & Crisis

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  1. hartlinz

    Hi there Kerry-Ann , I am so looking forward to this module under your facilitation. I am hoping you may recall my being a student for your Funeral celebrant module 18 months ago – but appreciate the number of faces that you get to see 🙂

    A very brief bio : I’m based in Waipapa-Kerikeri with my wife Robin, and menagerie of animals on our wee farm. My funeral celebrant role has really taken off over the past year, and I simply love it!
    I have recently turned 65 – (a superwoman!) and have taken that in my stride , but am aware of change – a shift in my temperament and tolerance, but having to call on self belief at regular intervals …. , particularly in my family roles. Children now well into adulthood and parenthood … Perhaps more significantly (and not intended to be depressing) my own mortality being so much closer …

    My background has and still is, steeped in art- food- and celebrating the extraordinary lives of ordinary living.

    Looking forward to Thursday =- Linz

    • Kerry-Ann

      Of course I remember you! Looking forward to reconnecting.

  2. Stephanie McKee

    Hi Kerry-Ann,
    I am really getting a lot out of this course, and I have arrived back home now, so I can focus, write and reflect even more. The zoom sessions so far have been in 3 different locations! I’ve also had a breakthrough day today in my own inner transition journey, and the lyrics for a “Transition song” are emerging. ( Somewhat humorous!)
    I am now deeply mulling over the first assignment . One thing, can you please refer me to or remind me of the 8-step planning process? I cant seem to find it in my notes. Unless I search my notes from 2013.
    With Matariki and the Winter Solstice coming up, life feels very synchronous if not magical, with the inner and the outer and now the stars all in synch with transition !

    • Kerry-Ann

      Yes it does have a magical, synchronous feel about it Stephanie! The fullness of life and living …