Examples of Funerals, Memorials, Interments & Scattering Ashes

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5 Responses

  1. Carol Kirk

    Thank you for those examples. There was a lot of variety and very informative and helpful. Each service is so unique and special for the family, whanau and friends. Reading those reinforced for me that it is a privilege to be a Funeral celebrant, and the importance of being accurate and working with high integrity.

  2. suzannepanter

    These are a fantastic resource, and give a good illustration of the variety of ceremonies that you may be involved in.

  3. Alice Viles

    thank you for sharing, it was a lovely ceremony

  4. Susanne Doerner

    Wow, what a lot of learning I will need to do. And what fabulous examples you have shared. Thank you.

  5. june junesub

    Thoroughly appreciate the valuable view from other peoples lives, and their earthy expressions of love and respect for their loved ones. thank you all