NZ Government passing of the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Act

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  1. Marita Chisholm

    This brought back wonderful memories of one of our trips to Toronto, the customs officer asked what we thought of the Gay Rainbow speech and the law passing. My husband and I told her that it was great and that we were looking forward to our friends getting married. She asked “were we not afraid?” “Afraid of what?” “What people would think,” she said. I remember replying “who really cares – so long as they are happy, go for it.” Thinking that she may cancel our entry into Canada or issue us with a fine as we were over the alcohol limit permitted, she smiled and asked where we were from and would it be a nice place to get married as she and her girlfriend wanted to get married in NZ. She overlooked the extra bottle of wine and we wished each other a great day. She said that she loved Kiwis and could not wait to go to NZ to get married.