Mahi Kainga/Homework – your ceremony

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6 Responses

  1. Alice Viles

    Really enjoying practicing’s the scripts. Really makes you think about your position, body language, stance, etc. It helps to ensure you are clear about wording and how everything flows, where things need to happen. And, that I have everything I need to preform the ceremony at my finger tips.

    • Darcie Price

      Yah Alice I am glad you have found this video practice useful.

  2. Kathrine Fraser

    That’s great Alice. So glad you found the instructions because quite a few people haven’t. Trying to sort out what went wrong. See you Tuesday. Kf

  3. Fiona Newsome

    Yes was a good exercise in being live videoing yourself reading the script. And really good to critique ones self !

    • DarcieP

      Glad you found the exercise useful Fiona!

  4. Dil Kaikobadi

    A wonderful Module – Marriage Essentials – very informative and learnt a lot.