Use of Symbols

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    The Parihaka video was very interesting. As I live under the shadow of Taranaki and have visited Parihaka many times for school trips, tangihana and celebrations. Our iwi in Taranaki are very close to Parihaka. Families living there have students at my old school Opunake High School. The full story is very eye opening.

  2. suzannepanter

    The role of an apology is to recognise a wrong. Apologizing lets the person know that you know it was your fault. It can help re-establish relationships and helps people to feel comfortable with each other again allowing them to move on.

    The Kono was presented, and a legacy statement by the Crown.

  3. samscott6

    Have just been thinking about this, as I recently walked up to Bastion Point, which has also been at the centre of dispute and media attention. The memorial to, and statue of Michael Joseph Savage built on the site of a former gun emplacement seems to be very out of place there, and I wondered why it hadn’t been moved, and something more appropriate, and that would symbolise the importance of this piece of land, put in its place.
    I think it’s important to take responsibility for my own errors and mistakes, and that an apology can often calm an escalating situation. I think this is an important concept to teach my daughters.

    • Kathrine Fraser

      Hi Sam. A late response to your post, but I was very interested to learn a few years ago that the Savage Memorial was specifically excluded from the claim by Ngati Whatua because they recognised and honoured its sacred/tapu status – this sort of information never made mainstream media at the time!

  4. Stephanie McKee

    This video was deeply moving to view. I had a life-changing experience back in 1978 staying for a week on Parihaka Marae in Te Niho ( the Teeth) and the kuia told us the stories of Te Whiti and the sacking of the village. I was ignorant of this history before that. They challenged us to go out and advocate for Maori and I did, ending up as a kaiako in a local kura teaching puoro/music.
    That the Crown can come and humbly apologised gives such hope for humanity and is an example of reconciliation and justice. That the iwi can invite the descendents of the soldiers who ransacked and raped, burnt and pillaged, is also a testament to the higher humanity within. Te Whiti’s example of non-violent resistance is important for humanity.

  5. Julie Ryland

    wow … the honesty and passion for what was not a good thing from the celebrant … what an extremely awesome job … and to have others use his words in their interviews goes to show how much and how much worth there is in being a celebrant

  6. Julie Ryland

    The symbols in this video are meant to forgive and to let the living be free from shame, on both sides. White and especially white feathers have been a symbol of peace here in New Zealand. The weaving of the bowls from harakeke symbolizes the coming to together … heance, the apology was to allow the wrong done to the residences in Parihaka and their ancestors, and the shame on the English for what they done but to also give room for the english living to feel free from blame and shame.

    There is hope/