Shared Ceremonies

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9 Responses

  1. Alice Viles

    Great to read everyone’s work. Really like that we get a copy. Good reference for future work. Have enjoyed working on line with everyone, getting to know fellow celebrants. Thanks to you all at the school for your professionalism, humor, wisdom and advice. Kia kaha Haere ra.

  2. Susanne Doerner

    Thanks from me too fellow students. So far I have only received one assignment. So hopefully there are more to come. Go well Happy Easter!

  3. Deanne Guy

    All done, emailed my script to everyone

  4. Chris Whittington

    thanks i enjoyed the course. i have signed up for masterclass.. hope to see some of you there

  5. Marion Johnston

    Hello everyone. I have enjoyed meeting you all and listening to all of the excellent celremonies.
    Good luck to everyone.
    Regards, Marion Johnston.

  6. Julie Ryland

    I hope you are all well, talk about tearing my hair out haha … I am so graciously thankful Darcie and Whanau.

  7. Delwyn McFarlane-Scott

    Thank you for your great leadership Darcie. Loved the course and all the new learning.
    Great ceremonies have been received and they will start my collection – which I am eternally grateful for.
    Awesome to be learning alongside such a uniquely dedicated and committed team of celebrants –

    • Kathrine Fraser

      If you liked these ceremonies, Delwyn, you will like the MCM ones even more!

  8. Dil Kaikobadi

    Thank you Darcie for being a brilliant teacher and the full gang for being such awesome participants. Hope to bump into you in the future.