Would you benefit from getting unbiased feedback or feed-forward on one of your ceremonies? 

The Celebrant School offers a Ceremony Review Service to all celebrants.

Why a Ceremony Review Service?

If you are a past student or graduate, you may remember getting detailed feedback, affirmation and suggestions on your ceremony assignments from our teaching team and your peers in class? It’s one of the things students value about our learning process. We believe this feedback needn’t stop once you graduate – in fact, self-reflection and collaboration with others is a great form of professional development. We therefore make this service available to past students and also those who have not trained with us. Afterall, we all want great ceremonies happening in Aotearoa!

When could I use this service?

You could use this service when you’re writing your ceremony, or after you’ve delivered a ceremony.

  • When you’ve had your head in a ceremony for hours or days at a time, you often need another perspective to get past the humps, or to get fresh ideas. With lots of experience behind them, our team can help with structure and content, and can also point you to new or different resources.
  • When you’ve completed a ceremony, there’s often a sense of relief – and also a post mortem, when you fret about what didn’t go so well. If you would like to talk through one of your ceremonies in detail – to either celebrate when you’ve nailed it (and think about how you might replicate this for next time) or consider what needs polishing, one of our team can be that sounding board.

What can I bring to this Ceremony Review Service?

We will give you guidance about what to prepare for a review. If the ceremony is submitted following the guidelines, then one hour is typically enough. The review may take longer if the ceremony is very long or complex, and we will let you know in advance if more time is needed.

Terms & Conditions

  • A contract outlines the expectations of both parties, including payment for the reviewer’s time.
  • The first hour is charged at $92 incl. GST and thereafter, the rate is $25 for every additional 15 minutes
  • Payment for first hour is by invoice via online banking, at the time of booking.
  • The expected timeframe for feedback will be established at the time your request is processed, and an appointment may be scheduled for discussion by phone/Skype, as required.
  • A complaint process is outlined in the contract. In the first instance, please discuss this with your reviewer.
  • You may be invited to give feedback as part of our TCS quality management process. Participation is voluntary.

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For further information about the Ceremony Review Service, please email info@celebrant.school.nz or phone Kathrine Fraser, Director of The Celebrant School on 096232399.