Ceremony and Celebration

Module 1 Preparing for training Reflection
Unit 1 Preparing for training
Unit 2 Download Course Materials
Module 3 Introduction - What is Ritual and Ceremony?
Unit 1 Candle Lighting as a Ritual
Unit 2 What is Ceremony and Ritual?
Module 4 Ceremony Development and Purpose
Unit 1 Ceremony Purpose
Module 5 The Structure of a Ceremony
Unit 1 How to Structure a Ceremony
Unit 2 Ceremony Structure Exercise
Unit 3 Enactments and Ceremony Examples
Module 6 The Process of a Ceremony
Unit 1 Process of a Ceremony - The 8 Step process
Module 7 Bicultural issues and diversity as a celebrant
Unit 1 Biculturalism as a Celebrant PowerPoint
Module 8 Seasonal Celebrations and Effective Closing Ceremonies
Unit 1 Seasons in Ceremony PowerPoint
Module 9 Creating your own ceremony
Unit 1 Assignment One
Unit 2 Assignment Two
Module 10 Presentation of your Ceremony
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