Professional Practice Online

Module 1 Precourse Work
Unit 1 Precourse Reflections PP
Unit 2 Looking to the Future PP
Unit 3 Marketing Research
Unit 4 Marketing, advertising and promoting yourself
Unit 5 PP Student Workbook - Business Issues
Unit 6 Calculating Your Fees
Module 2 Intro and Welcome to Running Your Celebrant Practice
Unit 1 Accounting System - Simple Excel Spreadsheet
Unit 2 Creating a Vision Board - optional exercise
Unit 3 Prof Prac: Assignment 1
Module 3 On-Line Presence
Unit 1 Being Website-Ready as a Celebrant
Unit 2 Social Media Tips for Celebrants
Module 4 Exploring Diversity and the Celebrant x-Factor
Unit 1 Reading: NZ Geographic Articles
Unit 2 Workbook 2 Diversity
Unit 3 Ceremony Assignment
Module 5 Professionalism and Polish
Unit 1 Download Workbook 3 - Professionalism and Polish
Unit 2 Professional Ethics and Standards
Unit 3 Self-Care and Supervision
Module 6 Vocal Presence and Presentations
Unit 1 Peer Feedback
Unit 2 Use and Care of the Voice
Module 7 More Presentations and Poroporoake
Unit 1 Respectful Critique Practice