Darcie Price

posted in: Graduate Profiles

With a Niuean mum and a Kiwi Dad, Darcie Price was immersed in a culture rich with tradition and rituals right from the beginning. But even as a child, her love of ceremony went far beyond the norm, and – although her family humoured her – she had the sense that she was different to others. A unique approach to marking life events has continued for this strong woman, now mum to a five year who walks alongside her in this journey of discovery. Darcie has developed a busy and successful business as a celebrant in Northland, which she combines with work training and mentoring teenagers in her region.

What she loves about being a celebrant is that she can be her true self: caring, energetic, passionate, empathetic, gentle, guiding, supportive, direct, bold, enthusiastic, relaxed, calm, and colourful. Connecting with people is crucial, and she adores taking a life, a love, a story and weaving words that leave people with a wonderful feeling. “It’s the elevating of space and time to another level, marking it for years to come … out of ordinary time and in to the extraordinary!”

Darcie walked into The Celebrant School already a practicing wedding celebrant, with well-developed skills and plenty of experience – and also an open mind and eagerness to learn! But she didn’t just gain additional knowledge, she went on a journey of self exploration and reflection, which often left her feeling vulnerable, unsure, and nervous. And yet, as she progressed through the programme, strength and inspiration grew out of the confusion. As she says, “I found my people. I found tutors that I adore. I found new friends. I am a better person and celebrant for having gone to the School, even with all the knowledge and experience I already had. They amplified it and gave me wings.”