Calculating Your Fees

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3 Responses

  1. Kathrine Fraser

    Hi Stuart – “alarming” is more the word that occurs to me. I use that exercise as a reality check, so celebrants appreciate what they are actually giving away. The way fees have gone, I consider that most of us are doing an element of ‘community service’ even when charging market rates. It’s a conundrum because unless the public appreciates the skill and care that goes in to a ceremony, there is no appetite for upward movement.

  2. Shona

    It is even more alarming when fewer that 10 weddings or other ceremonies are performed per year. Shows the need to develop the business and marketing side so market share increases somewhat for those of us who still have total ceremonies still less than 10!!

    • Kathrine Fraser

      Yes Shona, I agree – this is why most people start with celebrancy as a portfolio role (or only want to work part-time). The first year can be well-spent testing your systems and refining your brand and market niche, which sometimes happens by ‘chance’. However I firmly believe it should be possible to make a reasonable living from ceremony work. There are a few who do, especially if they have a flow of work eg with funeral director support. The busiest marriage celebrants used to be those associated with tourist operations but they’ve had a stark adjustment this year! The market is not static. We have students each year who launch successfully and do establish busy practices (like Darcie and Mel), but they are those who make a plan and do consistent marketing (and/or established networks)