Preparing for training

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  1. Trudy Maritn

    I am sorry but I just cannot find what you are referring to in your email. I can’t find the webpress and I cannot find the assignments. It shows I am logged in but when I get to Preparing for Training it shows I cannot view this unit as I am not yet logged in but when I go back to the homepage it shows I am logged in.
    Hi Trudy, I wonder if you have tried logging in from the bottom of our website page, “Online course- Student login”? If you go through there, hopefully it will get you straight through to the modules. If not, I’ll talk you through it tomorrow. Thanks, Winnie.

  2. Sue Denham

    I did fill the three questions but can’t send as it says I’m not logged in,? What am I doing wrong
    Looks like you’ve done it now.

  3. Sue Denham

    Did you get those I submitted
    Yes, all have come through- hopefully you have acknowledgement of passing that module now. Thanks Sue.